Will wall decals damage my paint?

The adhesive used for these decals is specially formulated to be removed from paint without damage or leaving a residue. However, we cannot anticipate every situation. For best results, do not apply on old peeling paint, lead paint or any area where there may be moisture, mold or damage under the paint. Paint must be allowed to fully dry and cure for at least 3 weeks before applying a decal. Paint takes several weeks to fully harden…during this curing time, invisible gasses and moisture are released from the paint. If decals are applied too soon after new painting, this moisture will become trapped behind the decal. The decal adhesive could fail and also possibly damage to the paint causing it to peel or become discoloured.

Are wall decals Easy to Apply?

In each listing there is short video with easy to follow instructions. Larger more detailed design will naturally take longer and you may need a helper. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about application. ECO Textile material is special for very easy manipulation. Please see the video, where you can see difference between standard vinyl and ECO Textile sticker here

Are Wall decals Only for Walls?

Why limit yourself…as long as you have a surface that is smooth, flat and clean, you will be able to apply your wall sticker. Furniture, mirrors, doors, glass and wood…the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Will decals stick to textured walls?

Yes, if your wall is slightly textured, take vinyl which work for slight textured surface. Wall decals are not suitable for special coarse-grained plasters. Please contact us, if you are not sure with your surface. See image with not recommended surfaces in shop photos.

What happened when I do not take over shipment.

Failure to accept or return the shipment is not a reason for a refund. In exceptional cases beyond the customer's control, part of the order value may be refunded after deduction of the fees like delivery costs, customs, VAT, Sales tax...

How to place decals or wallpaper?

When your shipment arrive, unwind the roll. Allow to stand for at least 24 hours to straighten the material and then follow instructions in video, which you find in item detail on Etsy. Clean surface before placement.

For wallpaper you will receive instruction with video instruction how to place wallpaper.

Products must not be in the tube for more than 14 days, otherwise its quality may be affected.

Here you can find all video instractions here

What is the difference between Vinyl and ECO Textile material- sticker?

- ECO Textile is stronger material than Vinyl. It allows you easier manipulation.
- ECO textile is reuse-able.

Here you can find all video to see main difference here

Sizing details

Please read information in item description to see measures of each object.

Wholesale availability

Please, contact us with details.

Why we need your mobile phone number?

We need your contact phone to be able to deliver your order successfully. It will be provided to delivery company. Please write in personalisation or in note of your order. In USA your shipment is delivered via UPS and rest of the World via DHL or their local partners.